Training Video

NISA PRESYS FEA getting started
Tools&environment. File import. Part and material definition. Mapped mesh and properties. BC set-up and forces. Analyses set-up Importing NASTRAN model with BS's and LC's. Modifying elements, reversing elements and running the analyses in PRESYS keeping BC's and pressure load.
NISA PRESYS FEA post-processing
NISA PRESYS FEA Iterative solver capability
Statical loadcase. Postprocessing of deformations, stresses, von Mises, principle stresses. Vectorplot of principle stresses. Simulation of deformation mechanism. Tables with nodal values. 172000 Shell elements. 3 LC's. 4 years old Dell Inspiron laptop. Analyses time: 1minut! Watch the improved iterative solvers capability.
Adding materials and properties to the model   Mirroring parts&elements in Presys
Creating parts and properties in Presys

  Mirror feature in Presys using defined coordinate system planes. Mirroring of parts and meshed parts.
Meshing with boundary nodes.   NISA PRESYS FEA Drilling holes in meshed parts
Meshing with boundary nodes. Increasing/decreasing number of elements with mouse clicking. Changing of element size in command.   Creating holes in meshed parts with washer feature. Different tools for mesh control.

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